Top tips from a weight loss professional

Well actually, they are tips from me.

But I do have a weight loss professional who helps me with my diet and exercise. He is a professional physical fitness trainer and he has been an absolute godsend to me over the past six months.

But it’s not all about him. I’m going to give myself some credit because I have transformed my life through not only taking the step to employ a professional trainer but also to leap into this with both feet and embrace it like there is no tomorrow.

But the truth is, unless I embrace it there may well be no tomorrow. My lifestyle has been hideous and I’m sure I will pay the price unless I get my body and mind sorted out.

Anyway, I wanted to pass on some of the professional tips that my trainer has given me, which are paying dividends.

Great tips on dieting to lose weight

1. You have to have a balanced diet. This doesn’t just mean literally a balanced diet, it means a balanced attitude towards your diet as well. There is no point in having an unhealthy attitude towards certain types of food. The first step towards eating a truly balanced diet is to accept that everything is fine in moderation.

You will read that you must never eat carbs for example. Unfortunately that is really difficult to do. But you can cut them out of your diet and replace them with healthy options, but once in awhile, such as on night out, it really isn’t going to sink the ship if you do.

2. You must learn to make healthy choices most of the time. The best tip I can tell you is that you have to change your attitude to what is great food and what isn’t. You may salivate at the thought of a burger, but you need to change that attitude. For example, I used to love salted peanuts. Although they aren’t bad for you, they contain a lot of salt. I tried to switch to plain almonds. At first they tasted disgusting. But I persisted and now I can’t stand the taste of salted peanuts.

3. My weight loss professional has set up proper dietary plans that include the right amount of nutrients while being subtly calorie control. He is also taught me not to obsess over calories, but to instead obsess over creating great food to eat.

4. You need to watch what you eat and preferably record in the beginning. The reason most people are overweight is that they simply do not realise what they are eating, or they pretend that it’s fine. Only when you start recording it can you see what you’re actually consuming each day and often the truth when it is in front of you is quite frightening.

Make sure your weight loss is healthy

That may sound obvious, but too many people starve themselves or live on restricted diets in order to try and lose weight. This connection forces the body into starvation mode and minimizes weight loss.

Eat a balanced diet, containing lean meats, lots of vegetables and cut out fat, sugar, refined carbohydrates and caffeine as much as possible.

Top tips from a weight loss professional