What an emotional rollercoaster life is

It’s been hell for me.

I can’t begin to tell you how many things are gone wrong over the past couple of weeks and unfortunately it has all made me quite negative an angry about a lot of things. I’ve been having a hard time seeing the positives in my life.

So let me tell you what has been happening in my life over the past couple of weeks that has made me feel this way.

Me and my husband had not been getting on very well and the children have been having problems at school. On top of that my mum is ill and I am not been feeling great either.

I have been crying a lot and have been slipping up on my diet and exercise regime, which made me feel even worse.

The emotional eating has crept back in and my weight loss has stalled.

This is made a whole bad situation even worse, because just as I was getting somewhere my life things started to slip.

But what I will say is that things have started to feel a little bit better in the lead up to be writing this article.

My rock as actually been my professional weight loss trainer. Now don’t read between the lines here, my trainer is not a substitute for my husband and that’s not where the problems lay.

In fact quite the opposite, they have had a discussion and he has made my husband realise that I need support rather than him castigating me.

In the middle of my self-pity I lost sight of what was important in my life and things got really, really bad. But my trainer made me stick to my food diary and keep up my physical fitness training, which has relieve the stress and tension slightly and I’m starting to feel myself again.

So although my weight loss program has stalled, things are starting to look better. And I suppose that’s the message of this piece.

Things are not always looking so bleak, and if you select the right professional to help you in any area of your life then they can offer support far beyond what you initially thought you were hiring them for.

You have to keep moving forward and if you do end up having a binge or doing something stupid then you have to learn from it, talk to the people who matter and resolve to change the way you are doing things. This is how hiring a professional helped me, and without that person things might have been worse and even fatal to my marriage.

Now God don’t think that I’m telling you to go out and get yourself a fitness trainer in order to save your relationship at home, that’s not what I’m saying. But what I am saying is that having the right people around you to help at the right times and in the right areas of your life is gold dust.

Not everybody has the money to hire people to help them, but if you can get somebody to do that then it can transform things for you.

What an emotional rollercoaster life is