Weight loss update: progress is being made

Well I’m really pleased today because progress has been made.

Although I had a double shift at work and a lot of rushing around to do, especially with the eldest having soccer training and there is a bit of a mixup over the schedule, it’s been really good.

I went to the gym and met up with my fitness trainer who was his usual great self and at the end we did a weigh in.

I have lost 3 pounds in a week. This is great progress and when added to all the other progress I’ve made things are looking great at the moment.

There have been problems at home and things aren’t perfect, but I do feel right now, today, that I’m in a good place.

So I guess the point of this post is for those reading it to take a look outside and see what a beautiful day it is. Even if it’s raining, look at the beauty in the rain.

Look at the humour in people running through the rain.

Whatever the weather is like where you are, there is beauty in it.

And that applies to all of your life. You can remain motivated by trying to find the good in everything. Having a great attitude to losing weight and getting on with a personal fitness programme starts with having a great personal attitude to life generally.

Another thing which happened today which was a first for me was using a pedometer. This is a little gadget which records every step you take, adding up all the steps through the day and in giving the total at the end of the day, including how many calories you actually used.

As an office worker I do find it tough to get out and walk. But instead of using the car I tried to walk more generally and using a pedometer was an eye-opener. I only walked 2312 steps today. I’ve been told I need to hit around 8000 for things to be healthy.

That is quite scary.

They are really cheap, so I suggest you get hold of one. If you work from home you may be more scared, as your steps may number in the low thousands, but it can be a great incentive you to get out and take more steps around the world, and while you’re out there take the opportunity to see the beauty that is out there if you look.

Before I sign off I just want say thank you to the people in my life who supported me and the people have read this blog and contacted me. I have actually now taken the contact page down because I was getting some serious spam and I don’t have time to deal with it, so apologies if you can’t contact me and wanted to.

Some of the comments about my weight loss program have been great, and some of even been taking me to tell them who my weight loss professional lives. Well, unless you live in Winnipeg then I’m afraid that name is going to be useless to you anyway!

Weight loss update: progress is being made