Ending my unhealthy love affair with food

I love going to the gym.

That’s something I never thought I would ever type out in all seriousness.

I love eating healthy food.

Again, that’s something I never thought I would ever type or say.

I am positive about my weight.

I’m positive about my health.

I’m thankful I managed to find a weight loss professional who has helped me to achieve this.

I’m also thankful that I have had the emotional strength to overcome my problems and get into a great position.

Things aren’t perfect in my life but they are a lot better than they were a few years ago.

I’m actually writing this post at work. Things are a bit slack and we do get general Internet access. I also know the IT manager very well and he’s the one who checks all the access logs, and I know that he won’t come looking for me if he sees me accessing this blog site, so I should be okay to type.

Physical fitness training is a great life booster

I’ve always had a terrible attitude towards physical fitness and in fact any exercise generally.

I guess that’s the case with most of us, especially in the modern age where there are always alternative means of transport that can save us spending our physical energy.

But if you don’t make the change then you are heading towards an early grave and that is what my journey has taught me.

I’m really loving the focus that learning about diet and nutrition and seeing the benefits has given me. Not just on those topics, but generally. I found myself more attentive, full of energy and definitely more full of vitality for life.

Going to the gym and working out is also enhancing my social life and making me feel better about myself. Now obviously I can see there are some incredibly messed up and vain people there, but there are in any walk of life, and the gym is no different. The majority of the people there are just trying to give themselves a better chance in life.

This blog exercise has been an extension of that, I’ve been trying to get my words out on virtual paper and get my feelings out there in order to help myself and just maybe help somebody else to benefit in the future. I’m hoping these words, however random they may feel to me, will help someone else in the future.

Before I sign off and get on with some work I just want to say that it actually liberating to sit in knowing about something healthy for lunch packed in my bag. I would usually wander off to the canteen in the past, and that would usually end with meeting rubbish food, but I’m actually feeling liberated that I have taken the time to prepare something great myself today.

Anyone can make these positive changes and feel healthy about themselves, giving themselves a better life through embracing better health, nutrition and healthy weight loss.

Ending my unhealthy love affair with food