Ending my unhealthy love affair with food

I love going to the gym.

That’s something I never thought I would ever type out in all seriousness.

I love eating healthy food.

Again, that’s something I never thought I would ever type or say.

I am positive about my weight.

I’m positive about my health.

I’m thankful I managed to find a weight loss professional who has helped me to achieve this.

I’m also thankful that I have had the emotional strength to overcome my problems and get into a great position.

Things aren’t perfect in my life but they are a lot better than they were a few years ago.

I’m actually writing this post at work. Things are a bit slack and we do get general Internet access. I also know the IT manager very well and he’s the one who checks all the access logs, and I know that he won’t come looking for me if he sees me accessing this blog site, so I should be okay to type.

Physical fitness training is a great life booster

I’ve always had a terrible attitude towards physical fitness and in fact any exercise generally.

I guess that’s the case with most of us, especially in the modern age where there are always alternative means of transport that can save us spending our physical energy.

But if you don’t make the change then you are heading towards an early grave and that is what my journey has taught me.

I’m really loving the focus that learning about diet and nutrition and seeing the benefits has given me. Not just on those topics, but generally. I found myself more attentive, full of energy and definitely more full of vitality for life.

Going to the gym and working out is also enhancing my social life and making me feel better about myself. Now obviously I can see there are some incredibly messed up and vain people there, but there are in any walk of life, and the gym is no different. The majority of the people there are just trying to give themselves a better chance in life.

This blog exercise has been an extension of that, I’ve been trying to get my words out on virtual paper and get my feelings out there in order to help myself and just maybe help somebody else to benefit in the future. I’m hoping these words, however random they may feel to me, will help someone else in the future.

Before I sign off and get on with some work I just want to say that it actually liberating to sit in knowing about something healthy for lunch packed in my bag. I would usually wander off to the canteen in the past, and that would usually end with meeting rubbish food, but I’m actually feeling liberated that I have taken the time to prepare something great myself today.

Anyone can make these positive changes and feel healthy about themselves, giving themselves a better life through embracing better health, nutrition and healthy weight loss.

Ending my unhealthy love affair with food

Weight loss update: progress is being made

Well I’m really pleased today because progress has been made.

Although I had a double shift at work and a lot of rushing around to do, especially with the eldest having soccer training and there is a bit of a mixup over the schedule, it’s been really good.

I went to the gym and met up with my fitness trainer who was his usual great self and at the end we did a weigh in.

I have lost 3 pounds in a week. This is great progress and when added to all the other progress I’ve made things are looking great at the moment.

There have been problems at home and things aren’t perfect, but I do feel right now, today, that I’m in a good place.

So I guess the point of this post is for those reading it to take a look outside and see what a beautiful day it is. Even if it’s raining, look at the beauty in the rain.

Look at the humour in people running through the rain.

Whatever the weather is like where you are, there is beauty in it.

And that applies to all of your life. You can remain motivated by trying to find the good in everything. Having a great attitude to losing weight and getting on with a personal fitness programme starts with having a great personal attitude to life generally.

Another thing which happened today which was a first for me was using a pedometer. This is a little gadget which records every step you take, adding up all the steps through the day and in giving the total at the end of the day, including how many calories you actually used.

As an office worker I do find it tough to get out and walk. But instead of using the car I tried to walk more generally and using a pedometer was an eye-opener. I only walked 2312 steps today. I’ve been told I need to hit around 8000 for things to be healthy.

That is quite scary.

They are really cheap, so I suggest you get hold of one. If you work from home you may be more scared, as your steps may number in the low thousands, but it can be a great incentive you to get out and take more steps around the world, and while you’re out there take the opportunity to see the beauty that is out there if you look.

Before I sign off I just want say thank you to the people in my life who supported me and the people have read this blog and contacted me. I have actually now taken the contact page down because I was getting some serious spam and I don’t have time to deal with it, so apologies if you can’t contact me and wanted to.

Some of the comments about my weight loss program have been great, and some of even been taking me to tell them who my weight loss professional lives. Well, unless you live in Winnipeg then I’m afraid that name is going to be useless to you anyway!

Weight loss update: progress is being made

What an emotional rollercoaster life is

It’s been hell for me.

I can’t begin to tell you how many things are gone wrong over the past couple of weeks and unfortunately it has all made me quite negative an angry about a lot of things. I’ve been having a hard time seeing the positives in my life.

So let me tell you what has been happening in my life over the past couple of weeks that has made me feel this way.

Me and my husband had not been getting on very well and the children have been having problems at school. On top of that my mum is ill and I am not been feeling great either.

I have been crying a lot and have been slipping up on my diet and exercise regime, which made me feel even worse.

The emotional eating has crept back in and my weight loss has stalled.

This is made a whole bad situation even worse, because just as I was getting somewhere my life things started to slip.

But what I will say is that things have started to feel a little bit better in the lead up to be writing this article.

My rock as actually been my professional weight loss trainer. Now don’t read between the lines here, my trainer is not a substitute for my husband and that’s not where the problems lay.

In fact quite the opposite, they have had a discussion and he has made my husband realise that I need support rather than him castigating me.

In the middle of my self-pity I lost sight of what was important in my life and things got really, really bad. But my trainer made me stick to my food diary and keep up my physical fitness training, which has relieve the stress and tension slightly and I’m starting to feel myself again.

So although my weight loss program has stalled, things are starting to look better. And I suppose that’s the message of this piece.

Things are not always looking so bleak, and if you select the right professional to help you in any area of your life then they can offer support far beyond what you initially thought you were hiring them for.

You have to keep moving forward and if you do end up having a binge or doing something stupid then you have to learn from it, talk to the people who matter and resolve to change the way you are doing things. This is how hiring a professional helped me, and without that person things might have been worse and even fatal to my marriage.

Now God don’t think that I’m telling you to go out and get yourself a fitness trainer in order to save your relationship at home, that’s not what I’m saying. But what I am saying is that having the right people around you to help at the right times and in the right areas of your life is gold dust.

Not everybody has the money to hire people to help them, but if you can get somebody to do that then it can transform things for you.

What an emotional rollercoaster life is

Why you should keep a diary when you are losing weight

My weight loss coach has told me that I should keep a record of everything that I eat in order to achieve long-term weight loss success.

And it’s true.

If you want to lose weight, exercise and have the body you deserve then keeping a diary will go hand-in-hand with your increased exercise regime.

You should write in it everything you eat and drink during the day.

You could use a phone app. There are hundreds of text recording apps out there, including dedicated dieting apps that allow you to record everything you have eaten and will even in some cases assign the correct calorific values to them as you select the items from the list in the app.

I would also suggest, learning from experience here that you not only right down exactly what you have eaten and what you have drank during the day, but also the emotions you felt at the point you reached for that food or drink.

I think you will realise if you are struggling with your weight that a lot of what we eat is actually not necessary in terms of fuelling our bodies, but is used more by us as comfort.

One of the biggest problems with people who can’t lose weight is comfort eating, aka emotional eating.

The truth is that numerous studies have shown that people who keep a food diary are far more likely to succeed in losing weight. It shows you are committed to the process and it makes you confront what you are eating every single day.

It doesn’t need to be an extensive diary, doesn’t need to be some big flowery book, and you don’t need to pay a lot of money for something on your phone. There are tons of free ways are doing it.

I would suggest you keep it personal. Don’t show it around, don’t leave it lying around. Especially if you are recording your emotions inside, it can be a highly personal document and you may feel vulnerable if someone else reads it.

The other great thing you can do from a dieting tips point of view, to speed up your metabolism and help with weight loss and exercise efficiency is to drink lots of water and replace other drinks with it.

Don’t do a halfway house drinking squash for example. Just drink plain water. I know it will feel boring the beginning, you will quickly get used to it and there is nothing like water for helping you to lose weight.

Millions of years of evolution should have taught us not to go near anything other than water, but unfortunately the human mind is fickle and sometimes it’s too easy to do.

Finally, before I have to leave this blog article and head off back to real life to go to work for the day, I have to tell you you need to stick at this for months the solidly. If you don’t you will not do it forever. If you stick at it for a month it will become ingrained as a habit in your daily life and it you will be able to do it effortlessly for ever.

Why you should keep a diary when you are losing weight

Top tips from a weight loss professional

Well actually, they are tips from me.

But I do have a weight loss professional who helps me with my diet and exercise. He is a professional physical fitness trainer and he has been an absolute godsend to me over the past six months.

But it’s not all about him. I’m going to give myself some credit because I have transformed my life through not only taking the step to employ a professional trainer but also to leap into this with both feet and embrace it like there is no tomorrow.

But the truth is, unless I embrace it there may well be no tomorrow. My lifestyle has been hideous and I’m sure I will pay the price unless I get my body and mind sorted out.

Anyway, I wanted to pass on some of the professional tips that my trainer has given me, which are paying dividends.

Great tips on dieting to lose weight

1. You have to have a balanced diet. This doesn’t just mean literally a balanced diet, it means a balanced attitude towards your diet as well. There is no point in having an unhealthy attitude towards certain types of food. The first step towards eating a truly balanced diet is to accept that everything is fine in moderation.

You will read that you must never eat carbs for example. Unfortunately that is really difficult to do. But you can cut them out of your diet and replace them with healthy options, but once in awhile, such as on night out, it really isn’t going to sink the ship if you do.

2. You must learn to make healthy choices most of the time. The best tip I can tell you is that you have to change your attitude to what is great food and what isn’t. You may salivate at the thought of a burger, but you need to change that attitude. For example, I used to love salted peanuts. Although they aren’t bad for you, they contain a lot of salt. I tried to switch to plain almonds. At first they tasted disgusting. But I persisted and now I can’t stand the taste of salted peanuts.

3. My weight loss professional has set up proper dietary plans that include the right amount of nutrients while being subtly calorie control. He is also taught me not to obsess over calories, but to instead obsess over creating great food to eat.

4. You need to watch what you eat and preferably record in the beginning. The reason most people are overweight is that they simply do not realise what they are eating, or they pretend that it’s fine. Only when you start recording it can you see what you’re actually consuming each day and often the truth when it is in front of you is quite frightening.

Make sure your weight loss is healthy

That may sound obvious, but too many people starve themselves or live on restricted diets in order to try and lose weight. This connection forces the body into starvation mode and minimizes weight loss.

Eat a balanced diet, containing lean meats, lots of vegetables and cut out fat, sugar, refined carbohydrates and caffeine as much as possible.

Top tips from a weight loss professional